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Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina - October 2005

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April 2004 Newsletter:


Hi Folks,


This month's featured Web Site is:


The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) 


Next month, May 28-30, 2004, they're holding their International Conference in New York City, and *many* helpful topics will be presented.  Here's a sampling: 

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of the Conference:


A Keynote Speaker at the APLB  Conference was Susan Cohen, PhD.  She was WONDERFUL!  Since 1982, she’s been Director of Counseling at the Animal Medical Center (AMC) in NYC, and developed the “first-ever” Pet Loss Support Group.  Her work has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and she’s been on radio and TV.


She was also a presenter and her topic was “AT-RISK CLIENTS;  HOW TO RECOGNIZE AND HELP THEM”.   During her lecture, she described 9 stories to illustrate the differences between people (including VETERINARIANS) who would likely need additional emotional support to deal with the death and grief of their animal companion.  Most folks just think of the guardian (owner) of the companion, as with Service Dogs, but as she pointed out, this can and IS sometimes the caregiver, as sadly happened at the AMC when a veterinarian and vet tech committed suicide.


Having someone who understands our profound LOSS when our companion passes on, and can guide us through our grief, helping to heal our broken hearts can make a WORLD of difference.  Dr. Cohen is one of those people.


ecpoqu @ overture . com (omit spaces in addressing)

Animal Medical Center (AMC) Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Susan Cohen


What’s so fantastic about the APLB, is that most of the attendees were “in training”, taking the pet loss counseling course, which means that they will provide a much-needed service to those of us in our time of need.



The Second Annual International Conference Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB)  and Training Workshop in Petloss and Bereavement Counseling.



Here's more info about the APLB:

"The Association for Petloss and Bereavement is the premier organization, dealing with this highly specialized subject.  It is certified by the IRS as a nonprofit philanthropic entity.  The APLB's effective website offers over 20 specialized webpages, to help the bereaving pet owner and related professionals.


At this time there is an amazing shortage of qualified petloss and bereavement counselors and standards, and the APLB is also working to remedy that.  It is also helping form support groups all over the world.


Now, there are already four three-hour online chatrooms, helping bereaving pet owners. Because of the rapidly increasing numbers of attendees, they are training interns to open and operate even more of these. The APLB's founder and president, Dr. Wallace Sife, will also be teaching a special 10-hour instruction Workshop for Pet Bereavement Counselors. This will be given the last weekend of May, at the APLB's Second International Conference on Petloss and Bereavement.  10 Continuing Education credits will be awarded to attendees.


Please visit the APLB Web Site to learn more about this unique organization and its important conference.  –  Or phone 718/ 382-0690."


All the Best,


Helen McKinnon

Editor, Companion Animals Natural Care Newsletter

Administrator: CompanionAnimalCare-Naturally  Discussion Group


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