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January 28, 2003

From:  Craig Denega, B.A., L.M.T.

Dear friends of animals, people who have friends with animals, and anyone contacted by fortuitous mistake,

Thank you so kindly for your offer and support! For those of you not familiar with the issue, look at the "Dear Pet People" note below, and pass it on to anyone who might be affected if it does not/will not apply to you.

We at The AHAA are scrambling and getting all of our ducks in a row, and I should have some more details by the end of the week. I just got back after 2 days and I've got 75 e-mail offers of help! We just found out about this a week or so ago at most, so we are not quite 'up to speed'... We anticipated this, and it is one of our reasons for being, but it happened really quickly, once it started.

Also, BE ADVISED THIS IS NOT A STATE BILL... yet. If we can stop it here, we won't have to beat it back state by state, later. If we don't.......

I WILL get back to you shortly. Meanwhile, I'll paste and splice some letters I've written (& have been sent to me) in the last week so you can get an idea where "we are", and the quality and variety of the people involved in this noble effort. (Talk amongst yourselves and your associates). You may have seen some of it before, but excuse the dupes & and redundancies.

Feel free to plagiarize freely, and pass on this information far and wide. Send it to anyone who works with or has any pet. I guess we'll have to get a database - sign-up sheet -or list - together on our web site so we can keep track of who wants to "be in charge" of what and in what city / state they live, so when we come do up with a final 'boilerplate' letter, forms, petition, and finished plan we can disseminate it as widely as possible. Tentatively if we can get it out to our volunteers and members by Feb. 10, Everyone will have 3 weeks to pass it far and wide and send it back to US for formal presentation to the AVMA.

Otherwise these things have gotten "Lost in the mail". The last time they tried this, locally a Lady named Lynn H. collected 750 signatures and sent them in one packet. The AVMA said they never got them. She collected 350 NEW ones and sent them  certified. They didn't get them either. That's why we don't think it is a good idea to have individuals send the AVMA their letters directly. As an added benefit, we will be arranging for the press to witness the event. That way there can be no 'funny' stuff.

By the way, until the database gets up, what city/state are you in? I need some idea of what resources are available. _I_ couldn't be happier at the response.. or busier.  I start teaching the new semester Tomorrow (Equine Massage & Therapy) at Delaware Valley College, will and have to take a short break (day or two) to get all the material ready for class. This will affect my students too, and may even inspire a class project.

Thanks again,

Craig Denega, B.A., L.M.T.


Dear "Pet People",

Please take a moment to review the NEW (for this year) revised and improved (?!) "Proposed" (National) Veterinary Practice Act. I think you will find that your freedom to practice or choose your animal practitioner is about to become SEVERELY limited!

Even though they had 2,500 letters AGAINST the last revision, they act as though it was approved by everyone and now (having claimed that ground) go on from that supposition. Please see my testimony against that earlier bill in Pa., that was instrumental in derailing it in 1999. Notice that they have not addressed any of the objections brought up in the testimony, then or now. Instead the AVMA has just reasserted its "right" to decide for the welfare of every animal in the world. This time they seem to have the wording down, and whatever 'loopholes' that may have been perceived in the last proposal are now being securely welded shut. I have taken the liberty of accenting in bold those sentences which will have the most impact on those people who are not licensed veterinarians, might ever try to help any animal out of their suffering, and have the audacity to accept any compensation for their labors.

ALL is NOT lost IF we can work together. A vehicle has been assembled to respond to this challenge to our rights. It is called; The Ancient Healing Arts Association. One could say it "takes money to STOP money" and who has more than the drug companies and Dvm, MD, & VMD's? With just a little help from each of you that feel outrage at the thought of such a money/power grab going unchallenged and unanswered, we may be able to stop it. Why allow people to get thrown in JAIL for helping animals when something as simple as this bill will suffice?

If you are a practitioner (animal or human) you can get liability insurance through AHAA, and know that a portion of your dues goes to try to stop such assaults on the healing arts. If you have animals, work with them or just love them from afar, your contribution to The AHAA will save them from what would be the only two remaining options: Drugs (up to and including 'being put to sleep') or surgery. Don't let animals be 'put down' just because their 'condition' cannot be treated by current 'veterinary practices", or doesn't fit within their medical model. You literally can't afford to let this bill pass in its present form. Brought to you by the people at: The Ancient Healing Arts Association. We need your help to stop this, NOW.

"Freedom is the state of exemption from the power or control of another".- Noah Webster,1828

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My Friend, Jean Townsend received the following note from a vet:
HI and thank you for this info.  I did not know about the AVMA proposals but 
was aware of the AVCA lawsuit with NC chiropractor.  The practice of animal 
chiropractic and acupuncture, herbal, homeopathic treatments has always been 
under scrutiny and a heavily waged battleground with the AVMA.  They have at 
least recognised some of the modalities as "valid" but we are still not safe 
as far as I am concerned.  Also the availability of many nutriceuticals such 
as glucosamine/chondroitin is under the gun and could be unavailable in the 
future depending on the FDA final rulings. 
The NC lawsuit is not the first of its kind.  Since animal chiropractic has 
been available it has been a target, with many valid points and problems the 
AVCA has been trying to iron out for a long time.  A couple of veterinarians 
have been arrested for it as well due to state legalese.  Actually the 
chiropractors who are certified in animal chiropractic are quite good- after 
all they have the physical touch and experience.  It is where the continuum 
of health care comes in that gets all the flack. 
The public does need to be protected from the quacks.  They are out there and 
so I hope the final rulings can accommodate the best of all worlds.
Meanwhile, I am always looking over my shoulder and making SURE to "cover 
myself" and leave no western medical option stone unturned for the clients I 
see with holistic medicine. AHHHHH, had no idea all the shaky ground i would 
be standing on 2 years ago.>>
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Sent to and Forwarded by Jean Townsend - Johns Island, SC  -- with permission
------------------------------------------------------------------------ If anyone needs any more "Material" and "Talking Points", you can look at these links below.....

Thanks again,
AND, if any of you would like to contribute whatever else, to this 'cause', I'm sure we could put it to good use right about now...
Or, do you know of any large corporations with big bucks? (BESIDES drug and medical, I would guess) :-)
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