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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world...indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!" -- Margaret Mead



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This Sample Letter is ONE page


Permission granted to copy all or part of this letter and print-out for animal lovers to send to the AVMA.



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Dear Dr. Sabin and Members of the AVMA Practice Act Task Force:

I am opposed to your Draft of the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act, (December 23, 2002 / Draft Revision). Your new rules and regulations are far too restrictive and unfair.

There was no explanation for the new 'Model Law', so would you please specify your reasons for your drastic new rules? Was there some incident which occurred that harmed or injured animals or the animal 'owning' public which you find necessary to now so severely regulate?

It appears that your 'Model Law' takes away everyone's RIGHT to choose animal care. Everyone who utilizes Complementary and Alternative professionals for animal care will be subject to prosecution -- unless that professional is also a veterinarian or a veterinarian does the consulting.

Contrary to your new proposal, I do not and will not surrender my RIGHT and / or RESPONSIBILITY to my companion animal to anyone. This includes my RIGHT to choose the doctors or "persons with expertise", and lay professionals whom I have chosen to provide health care for my animal.

There are probably unethical people representing themselves as 'experts' who may be exploiting the public. However, unless you can cite incidents to prove animals were harmed or injured as a result, it would be far better to simply let the marketplace determine whether or not the product or service is effective. That's been working very well in our free society.

Control and monopolizing animal health care options for Americans - and the rest of the world (because other countries will likely follow the AVMA 'Model Law') will not be tolerated. A more noble endeavor would be for the AVMA to see to it that Complementary and Alternative care modalities are a part of the curriculum in the veterinary schools. Also, help to provide educational opportunities for veterinarians already in practice who want this additional training. It is ironic that the very professionals whom your 'Model Law' will criminalize are your available TEACHERS.


cc: "Return Receipt" and include the Ancient Healing Arts Assoc. Send letters with "Return Receipt" and include on the Postal form AHAA  PO 75 Box Cold Spring, NY 10516

Also e-mail a copy of your letter to the Ancient Healing Arts Association (AHAA)::

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This Sample Letter is TWO pages

This is just one out of many possible replies to the AVMA 'proposed guidelines'. For those of you who were hesitant about what form your response should take, you can use this as a sort of template. Feel free to:

  • pick out just one paragraph that is near and dear to you, and expand upon it to your hearts' content.

  • mix & match.

  • add and advise if there is a point missing.

  • just cut & paste the whole thing, if you agree with it, or print it on fancy paper to send it.

We suggest you send it to the AVMA with a "Return Receipt" and put the NY address of AHAA (below) on the return card. Now that we have the 'form' it is up to every one of us to give all of the other animal caregivers that we know, a chance to have their comments about this proposal also be heard.  If we each did five 'things' to support this, each day, for the rest of this month. We all might be able to take a little credit for restoring some sanity back to this world."  Craig

Permission granted to copy all or part of this letter and print-out for animal lovers to send to the AVMA.


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Dr. Beth Sabin, AVMA,

1931 N Meacham Rd, Suite 100,

Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360


Dear Dr. Sabin and Members of the AVMA Practice Act Task Force,


I am writing to express my absolute opposition to the newly proposed guidelines regarding Complementary Practitioners set forth in your Model Veterinary Practice Act (December 23, 2002,/Draft Revision). As it reads presently, in my opinion, it is insulting to the public, offensive to lay practitioners, and a thinly veiled attempt to annex territory that you have no interest in, except to control or discourage it.


As an animal owner, I submit:

I absolutely have and will retain my RIGHT to choose the doctor or Complementary Practitioner to consult with and/or treat my animals, without your sweeping restrictions. I am very well able to come to my own conclusions about whom I feel is competent to treat my animal companions. I do not need, or want, any governing body to determine who or what that is. Especially, since you present no facts to make a case for a compelling need for your interference.


I also recognize that there may be unethical people representing themselves as 'experts' who may exploit the current laws to their benefit, but there are unethical people in licensed occupations as well. One does not preclude the other. I claim that it is my right to determine the legitimacy of all claims for myself, unless I give you power of attorney.


I am the person responsible for making ALL decisions and judgments concerning ALL aspects of my companion animals' care. Veterinarians do not, and SHOULD NOT, have the all encompassing right to do so. (pg. 3, Section 21, it states: "The veterinarian has assumed the responsibility for making clinical judgments regarding the health of the animals and the need for medical treatment, and the client has agreed to follow the veterinarian's instructions.") *Assumed* is the operative word here.


The veterinarian has NO LEGAL RIGHT to "assume responsibility" for anything having to do with my animal. It is outrageous and arrogant of the AVMA to include this in a "Model" Law for all the States of our Nation to adopt! This sounds like it could be the beginning of a "Martial law for animals" whereby owners could be potentially prosecuted for NOT *following instruction* and thrown in jail along with the lay practitioner.


The fact that non-medical practices are gaining popularity does not give you the right to control, outlaw, or otherwise be entitled to consult on these matters. Your previous lack of interest in studying or teaching any non allopathic matters has led to the veterinarians outright rejection of these practices due to the present lack of education, training and knowledge in these ancient philosophies.


Your profession is paid to diagnose, prescribe, vend and administer medications to animals. This is more than even an MD can do, they are not permitted to sell the drugs they prescribe, but veterinarians ARE. You already have a monopoly on the surgery, treatment and *testing*

markets. You are great at emergencies, accidents, traumas,  and certain acute illnesses. That alone should be more than enough responsibility for any one group to be able to comfortably handle.


Until your schools adequately familiarize the upcoming vet students and bring current veterinarians up to date with that which you seek make them oversee, you are way out of bounds and must be called on it. The irony here, is that you propose jail (!) and fines for the very people who could be teaching your students, and actually preparing them for the responsibility you wish to hand them. For now and the foreseeable future, your reach exceeds their grasp. Perhaps it is just a fear of the unknown?


I object totality to the Model Veterinary Practice Act (December 23, 2002/Draft Revision) you have set forth. All of the references to the Veterinarian's complete and total responsibility for animal care must be removed from future consideration and the passages criminalizing lay practitioners is totally out of bounds. In doing so, by your own lack of knowledge, you KNOWINGLY endanger the very animals that your association has claimed to protect, and you could be held liable for doing so.


As one who speaks for myself and the animals I care for, please register my, and my family's opposition to your attempt to regulate that which has caused no harms. Do what you specialize in. After all, you are the first authority that an animal caregiver always consults with. It is only after after every standard procedure has been found wanting that the lay practitioner is brought in. Where is the compelling need to regulate this? Why would you want to burden your veterinarians with having to know everything there is in the world, about every animal? This added responsibility would also be exposing them to a lot of possible litigation. I hope you will take this rejection of the unacceptable proposals to heart, and eliminate them from future reference.



(sender's name)



CC: Ancient Healing Arts Association, P .O. Box 75, Cold Spring, NY 10516

You could also CC: to State Representative or anyone else that you think may be able to affect

this matter.


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Very Brief Sample Letter


To:  American Veterinary Medical Association
This letter is written to voice my opposition concerning the AVMA forthcoming proposal for the following new guidelines:
1. control naturopathic medicine and "protect" the consumer from natural   and alternative methods
2. make phone, email, fax consultations with a veterinarian illegal
3. any technique/medicine/supplement not approved by the AVMA and
prescribed/administered by a vet for your pet would be illegal.
This proposal is far too restrictive and places a tremendous burden on the pet owner.  It opposes the American way of life and restricts our "freedom of choice" on the care and well being of our animals and pets.  It creates a huge unnecessary financial burden on the average American family. 

cc: "Return Receipt" and include the Ancient Healing Arts Assoc. Send letters with "Return Receipt" and include on the Postal form AHAA  PO 75 Box Cold Spring, NY 10516

Also e-mail a copy of your letter to the Ancient Healing Arts Association (AHAA)::


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The following letter is reprinted with the kind permission from Attorney Dawn Capp. Important Note: the sender's address is on the original letter.


Dawn M. Capp, Esq.

Attorney at Law


Beth Sabin


1931 N Meacham Rd, Suite 100

Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360


RE: Proposed Veterinary Practice Act


Dear Beth Sabin:


I have read over the proposed Veterinary Practice Act as listed on the AVMA's website.  There are several obvious problems with the act.


First, paragraph 18a is far too broad. Standing alone, it applies to anyone who gives any advice, writes any article, or otherwise attempts to "prevent animal disease." The act does incorporate an exclusion for "owners" of such animals, but it doesn't adequately define "owner," and, furthermore, states that the exception does not apply where "ownership of the animal was transferred for purposes of circumventing this act." This would have a potentially negative impact on breeders, rescue organizations, and many other animal advocates.


Furthermore, I am not quite sure how ownership would be transferred in such a way, and even if it was, whether the clause is enforceable as written considering that animals are legally viewed as "property" in the great majority of jurisdictions.


Furthermore, the proposed act obviously intends to obliterate alternative practitioners and prevent anyone from discussing or advocating alternative methods. I see multiple problems with such an act. If animals are indeed "property," the act is far too broad, unlawfully infringes on freedom of expression, and possibly also constitutes a "taking" without providing the requisite compensation.


If animals are not property, as the bill's construction would rationally suggest because it places veterinarians in a position equal to a medical doctor (M.D.), then veterinarians should be held to the same accountability status as medical doctors. In other words, the liability of practitioners of veterinarian medicine will increase, and owners should therefore be able to sue for large sums of money as a result of veterinarian malpractice, including, potentially, a cause of action comparable to "wrongful death" if a veterinarian's malpractice results in the death of an animal. This is especially just since the AVMA is setting itself up as the only organization legally able to provide any kind of substantive advice, treatment, consultation, or other "information" regarding animal health. The passage of such a bill will make it much more likely for laws like the one currently proposed in Colorado to pass. These bills define animals as "companions" rather than property and subject veterinarians to damages of up to $100,000 for malpractice. The AVMA, I understand, opposes the proposed Colorado law.


The AVMA cannot "have its cake and eat it, too." If animals are mere property, then the AVMA's authority, as provided for in the proposed bill, goes much too far, is not rationally related to any legitimate government interest, potentially infringes on interstate commerce, affects person's due process rights, and potentially interferes with the freedom of contract.


I oppose the passage of such a bill. It will create far more problems than it'll solve, and it is an obvious attempt by the AVMA to create a monopoly regarding "animal welfare."




Dawn M. Capp, Esq.

Attorney at Law


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 Here is another letter sent 'from the heart' to the AVMA.  Reprinted with De Richards' kind permission.  Important Note: the sender's address is on the original letter.

Delice E. Richards

                                                         February 4, 2003 

 Dr Beth Sabin


1931 N Meacham Rd.  Suite 100

Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360

Dear Dr. Sabin,

I am writing to you to protest passage of the Model Veterinary Practice Act developed by the Judicial Council of the AVMA.  I feel that prohibiting alternative and holistic health care practitioners, including holistic vets, chiropractors, massage therapists and healers, from assisting any animal in need, in person or on the telephone will be detrimental to my cat’s health, as well as the health of the thousands of animals who benefit from this type of health care. 

I have a cat who is 18 years old.  Two years ago my “traditional” vet diagnosed Andrew with Feline Infectious Peritonitis and renal failure.  I was told that he had only a short time left to live (months to be exact).  Instead of accepting that diagnosis, I consulted a holistic vet (via telephone), who was currently treating my other cat for fibro sarcoma, induced by repeated vaccination in his shoulder area.  This vet prescribed and sent me two homeopathic medications, which I immediately started giving my Andrew.  One month later I took Andrew back to my “traditional” vet to be re-tested for the presence of FIP and to re-check his BUN and Creatinine levels.  The re-test showed no elevated FIP titer and that his BUN and Creatinine levels were normal.  The vet could find no explanation for the normal levels, but would not accept that homeopathy had produced such results.

Without the intervention of my holistic vet Andrew would be dead.  Andrew still takes his homeopathic meds and is still doing very well.  My current vet, who happens to believe in all forms of medicine, is amazed by how well he seems for a cat his age.

My point is, that alternative methods of health care for animals have kept my beloved animals healthy and alive.  I also use alternative and holistic methods of health care for myself, however my basic right to choose my method of health care is not under attack. I feel that my cats should have the same choices as I have.

Please do not pass the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act.


                                 Delice E. Richards

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