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Photos courtesy of Helen's husband, Robert W. Cauley -

Helen's Tibetan Spaniels, precious gifts from a dear friend -- 

littermates Candy & Morgan at one year of age.


  Helen L. McKinnon

It's For The Animals!

PO Box 1914

Fairview,   NC   28730-1914  USA


Phone: 828/ 628-7999  


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Helen is the author of

the book:

It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources


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Administrator of a free Internet Discussion Group:

 Companion Animal Care -Naturally Discussion Group



Many years ago I'd read about an informal study conducted indicating that water scenes promote healing.  It seems that hospitalized patients who viewed any type of Water Scene which hung on the walls in their room got better more quickly than those who had any other type of wall hanging.


Photo courtesy of Helen's husband, Robert W. Cauley

Looking Glass Falls

Western North Carolina - October 2005

 "  ... one of the most photographed and often visited waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest ... about 60 feet high."


A portion of the sales of Helen's book will be donated to

 "The Rabies Challenge Fund"  to Benefit Animals Worldwide.


"Health begins with a natural diet. Follow your heart, listen and observe your animals, use your kitchen as Helen will show you and you will see your animals transform."

--------  Pema Mallu, DVM and Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS

excerpt from The Foreword of It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources"

About Helen's Book:

This unique book is the result of Helen's many years of research and development to find an easy, practical way to make delicious, nutritious home-made food for her dogs and cats. Like "making a stew", it's her time-saving, original, two-step method to make a "Big Batch" of food. Most people can make a batch once a month, and freeze weekly portions.

She shares the dramatic improvements she saw in her dogs and cats, noting how much healthier and happier they've been since being fed only home-made food

Her book provides many helpful tips that Helen learned the old-fashioned way: life experience and intensive independent study!

The extensive Resource Directory is just packed with a wide variety of vital information for animal caregivers.

It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources is recommended by Veterinarians and other animal care experts including Chiropractors and Trainers. It has had rave reviews in veterinary journals, newsletters, and newspapers and is available from Natural Foods Stores, Holistic Veterinarians, many Animal Caregivers, and also through the Journal of The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

A native Midwesterner, Helen lived in the Boston area for about twenty years where Dr. Richard Kearns was her veterinarian.  He was a co-founder of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

She is an author, freelance writer, lecturer, and consultant, speaker at Breed Club meetings and Natural Animal Care Expos. She enjoys sharing her experience, strength, and hope, especially when animal companions can benefit. Helen and her dogs have made guest appearances on television.  She's been a guest on radio shows and interviewed for articles in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and internet forums.

First published in 1995 as a “cook” book, the newly updated It's For The Animals! Natural Care & Resources  is unique.  It’s the result of Helen’s first-hand experience in finding an easy, practical way to prepare in bulk -- delicious, nutritious homemade food for her dogs and cats.

“Helen’s Big Batch Recipe” facilitates this for other pet owners, as most people can make the food once a month and freeze weekly portions.  The meat can be fed either raw or cooked.  She explains just how to make homemade food for dog and cat companions, and why. 

After a few months of being fed only “Helen’s Big Batch Recipe”, the improvements she saw in her animal companions were pleasantly surprising – they looked so much better – with sparkling eyes and glossy coats, also, they seemed so much happier, with renewed energy.

This book also provides many helpful natural care tips learned the old-fashioned way: life experience and intensive independent study!  The very extensive Resources section is a wealth of information for animal caregivers.

Please note: there is absolutely no advertising in this book.  Unlike other authors, Helen will not accept payment to list products or people in the Resources. All listings are based upon her opinion and she welcomes suggestions from others.


ã Copyright 1995-2013 Helen L.  McKinnon All Rights Reserved

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