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Helen L. McKinnon

Foreword by

Deborah C. Mallu, DVM & Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS

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Recommended by holistic veterinarians and other animal caregivers who believe that companion animals need food that is Fresh, Wholesome and Varied. It's unique, easy "Big Batch" method and recipes are the original creations of the author. She explains just how to make home-made food for dog and cat companions, and why.

Here's a sampling of the book's helpful information:

"Helen McKinnon's cookbook provides a simple yet comprehensive method for providing the best preventive care for our companion animals, cooking with love. Freshly prepared foods can bring back the vitality that they deserve and that they have lost from years of 'junk food' diets.

It is more clear than ever that yearly 'boosters' are completely unnecessary for dogs and cats. Also, evidence is accumulating that these same vaccines can be extremely harmful in many animals. Even initial vaccinations are being challenged by many in our profession.

Take the money saved from booster vaccines and put it into good food. Your animal friends will love you for it, and you will see the difference."

------Don Hamilton, DVM

Los Animales- Wholistic Pet Care

Ocate, New Mexico

"KISS" (keep it simple stupid) is Helen's motto and works for my rave review. Helen addresses all the excuses we make about feeding our companion animals naturally. It would be tough for anyone to read this book and open another can or bag of animal food! Here is a cook book that misses no details to take us from reading to putting the food in the dish. All your clients an each of you need this book. No more said - 'Just Do It'!"

----- Deborah C. Mallu, DVM, CAC

Holistic Veterinary Care

Review for the JOURNAL of the

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Star-Ledger Newspaper Feature Review Article

Read the book's "Foreword" written by Drs. Deborah C. Mallu, D.V.M. and Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S.

Excerpt: "Blue Power Ear Treatment"

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