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Found Dog

Brevard, Western NC



A Gentle, Sweet Dog -- He Needs a Good Home !

Tricolor young male treeing walker coonhound  or American Foxhound, about 50 pounds. 

Found  under a deck during Memorial Day weekend near Brevard, NC

 -No collar, chip, or tattoo.   We are now looking for a home for him.

He is gentle, clean, and oh so sweet, obviously crate trained, and also walks well on leash.  Young, intact, about 1-2 years old we think, and needs a home where the people know how these agile dogs can run.  Good with other non aggressive dogs, but the breed has a strong prey drive.

If you can look for a new forever home for this boy or post the info and photo we would be grateful."


Please Call  828-884-8937

or email: (omit spaces & // brackets):

cliffhanger / @ / citcom . net


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