Why You Should Consider Nandrolone

When it’s time to bulk up and add quality mass there are some obvious choices when it comes to steroid use. One of the all time favorites of many for bulking up is Nandrolone decanoate, also called Deca Durabolin for its brand name, or just Deca. Many bodybuilders love to buy nandrolone in the off season for their bulking phase as it is unparalleled in adding quality mass. It is also readily available and most people can buy Nandrolone online at a variety of websites. The one downside for some is that Nandrolone is strictly an injectable steroid. There are no effective Nandrolone tablets or Nandrolone pills and if someone tries to sell you a Nandrolone pill or tablet you should immediately reject the idea.

Benefits of Nandrolone Decanoate

There are many ways users can benefit from the Nandrolone steroid. For one thing it is known to be one of the least hepatoxic steroids available. I’ve already mentioned the fact that it is unparalleled as a mass gaining agent. It is one of the best steroids available when it comes to increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Athletes will not only get increased mass when using Nandrolone, they will also see an increase in strength, endurance, and overall physical performance.

Many users appreciate the lack of side effects in the hair, skin and prostate. This is one steroid where there is no worries of increased acne, falling hair, or enlarged prostate. It is also a good immune system booster and provides relief to those who are having issues with their joints. Finally, Nandrolone has been shown to have no impact on cholesterol and triglyceride levels like other steroids.

Nandrolone Dosages

Nandrolone steroids work best in longer cycles of at least 8 weeks and for as long as 16 weeks. Dosages can vary between 300 and 600 mg per week and Deca should be administered once or twice weekly. Deca is often combined with the oral steroid Dianabol in what is possibly the most popular stack among bodybuilders. In this stack the base of the cycle is testosterone in the form of Sustanon-250. The Sustanon is taken for a full 12 weeks at a dose of 250mg per week. In addition, Dianabol is taken at a dose of 30mg per day in weeks 1-3 and then increased to 40mg per day in weeks 4-6. Finally, Nandrolone is added at 200 mg per week for the first week, 300 mg per week for the 2nd and 3rd weeks, 400 mg per week for the 5th and 6th weeks and finally dropping back to 300 mg per week for the sixth week.

Stacking Nandrolone with other Steroids

While Nandrolone is best for bulking, it can also be used in a cutting cycle. If it is stacked with stanozolol or trenbolone it is useful as a cutting agent. When stacked with dianabol or anadrol it is an excellent mass gainer. Because Nandrolone is associated with possible erectile dysfunction it is always a good idea to add testosterone to any stack that includes Deca.

Below is a look at whether Nandrolone for sale can be stacked with other steroids

For off-season bulking: There are several good combinations of Nandrolone and other steroids when it comes to adding mass. The obvious choice is testosterone, and this combination may be the best solution for bulking as the testosterone is needed to counter the strong suppressive effects of Nandrolone. Stacking Dianabol with Nandrolone is a very popular bulking choice that is very effective. Similar results can be achieved by stacking Anadrol with Nandrolone, but most men tolerate the Dianabol better. Primobolan has also been used with Deca in a bulking phase and can provide good results, but the large doses of Primobolan needed makes this prohibitively expensive for most.

For cutting: Nandrolone stacks well with Stanazolol in a cutting cycle, but is not as effective when used with other cutting agents. Anavar is typically not considered a good choice to use with Deca for a cutting cycle, though the combination can work well for a complete body transformation. Both Equipoise and Halotestin can be used in a cutting cycle with Deca, but are typically used in small doses for their restorative effect.

One to avoid: The one steroid that would almost never be combined with nandrolone is trenbolone. That is because both are 19-nor steroids and by stacking them you run the risk of exponentially greater side effects as well as potentially permanent hormonal imbalances. Only very experienced users ever combine these two steroids and typically they are taken one after the other in a longer cycle, not at the same time.

Side effects of Nandrolone

Nandrolone is consider to be one of the safer steroids for users, but it still comes with its share of potential side effects. The good news is that most of these are easily avoidable as they only occur when too much Nandrolone is used, or the Nandrolone is adulterated with something else. Here is a list of potential common side effects from Nandrolone usage:

– Edema or water retention is common with Nandrolone, as it is with many steroids.
– Prostate enlargement is a concern at higher doses.
– Gynecomastia has been reported by some users.
– Blood pressure increases have been reported. These are often caused by the edema that is common with Nandrolone usage.
– Testicular shrinkage is possible with the use of Deca as it is with the use of any steroid. This can be combated with the use of HCG.
– Some users complain of decreased sex drive or erectile dysfunction with the use of Deca. In fact, this is so common it has been given the name “Deca dick” by users.

As a performance enhancing substance Nandrolone is at the top of any steroid users list. Few steroids can serve the purposes of both cutting and bulking, but Nandrolone does this quite well. In addition, it is tolerated well by most users and comes with a small list of potential side effects. Once you are ready to move beyond the testosterone only steroid cycle, adding Nandrolone to a steroid stack can be a good choice.