Prohormones That Will Help Gain Muscle Mass

ProhormonesMost of them work 24-7 all through the year on their body to gain the right muscle definition as well. But it is still not enough. With thousands of athletes competing every year to create the perfect sculpted body, it becomes difficult to stand out and be different. This is where a supplement made up of prohormones comes into play. With a intuitive and useful combination of prohormones, it is entirely possible to build muscle mass, definition and tone in half the time required by other athletes. But as a newbie, you are probably wondering just how pro hormones (PH) work. Well, you aren’t the only one. To help you out, we’ve created a short guide to PH that will open your eyes to the world of stacking.

So here goes…

How Does a Prohormone Work?

Pro hormones are like hormones. However, they are not the active forms of the hormone. For example, a simpler way to understand this is with sugar. There are different forms of sugar ( honey, sugarcane juice, brown sugar, molasses, etc) but all forms are converted into active sugar inside the body. In the same way, pro hormones are a precursor or legal variant of steroid hormones. When the pro hormone enters the body, it is converted into active hormone. In the same way as the hormone, it activates or opens a lock present on cell membranes. When this lock is activated or opened, it results in a series of muscle building activities which is ultimately responsible for increased muscle mass and muscle definition. As we all know, most steroid hormones like testosterone are considered illegal in athletics. However, pro hormones manage to bypass this ruling by being legitimate or legal precursor forms of the active hormone.

Legal Prohormones l: Where can I Buy Prohormones?

Most PHs are legal but there have been recent laws put into place which have banned certain PHs. As a result, we do recommend you check local rules and regulations before you order any such material. You can buy prohormones online legally and the supplements are delivered right to your doorstep. You can also buy a few PHs at local food stores or supplement stores. You should know though that these are watered down or weaker forms of the PH. Its a far better idea to buy prohormones from an athletic site or a pharmaceutical site that specializes in medical-grade supplements. You can also find prohormones for sale at bodybuilding websites or stores as they are used by bodybuilders during season and off-season as well.

Choosing The Best Prohormones For Myself

There are several different ways to use prohormones. You can get detailed instructions and guidelines from almost any bodybuilding site. One word that is commonly used on these sites is ‘stacks’ and most sites will recommend the use of a particular stack brand to achieve an effect. Stacking means combining PHs in different combinations and strengths to achieve the best results during a workout for a particular sport. As a result, there are four major stacks that are commonly used by athletes. If you are new to PH use, here is a quick guide to what stacking actually means and the effects they generate.

Endurance and Stamina Stacks – This stack is designed to make use of your food intake. That means you have to eat the right food in the form of a high protein diet with a small amount of complex carbohydrates. This stack will maximize the conversion of proteins to muscle mass and ensure better stamina by breaking down carbohydrates to produce energy for workouts.

Cutting Stack – Although it has been named as a cutting stack, this combination is designed to create muscle definition in different body areas. However, this stack of PHs have to combined with the right workout routine and food intake. Excess fat around the waist, hips, and thighs is eliminated and muscle definition increases.

Strength Stack – This is one of the most popular stack combinations available. This PH combination is designed to deliver strength to the muscles during workouts. As a result, users find it easier to lift larger weights, and work harder during their workouts. As your body is being worked harder, you will also see lasting results and better muscle definition.

Bulking Stack – As the name suggests, this stack is specifically designed to build muscle mass. Your muscles thicken up and gain bulk. However, it is only indicated for patients who find it difficult to get bulk during their workout routines. It is also recommended for athletes who have plateaued out during their workouts and are not gaining additional muscle mass.

Of course, if you aren’t sure about brands and stack combinations, you can always read prohormone reviews available online. Mos of these stacks will contain a mixture of popular PHs like diabonol, trenbolone,etc.  Users are more than happy to vent their feelings about brands,stack combinations, and new products. Take the time to read at least three to find reviews. This is because it is not possible to satisfy every user and you may find negative reviews about products as well. Make an informed decision after reading reviews and testing sample packets of the PHs.

What Are The Effects Seen With PHs?

The most common effects of PHs are as follows:
1. Increase in muscle mass
2. Increased strength and endurance resulted in longer workout times due to lower fatigue levels
3. Defined muscle groups and facial structure
4. Boosted sex drive
5. Faster recovery from muscle fatigue and muscle injuries
6. More facial hair growth and a deeper voice.
7. Increased aggression and competitive spirit.
However, along with these effects a few minor side effects are also seen and they are as follows:
1. Skin and body acne
2. High blood pressure
3. Possible breast enlargement
4. Headaches
5. Dizziness
6. Nausea

The good news is that most of these side-effects can be managed with the right combination of supplementary drugs and PH combinations. In fact, you will have to follow a pre-cycle, intercycle and post-cycle therapy of drugs to reduce these side effects. The most common supportive drugs given to patients include Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, estrogen blockers like Tamoxifen citrate, Clomiphene Citrate or clomid to block the estrogenic side effects of the therapy, etc.

Choosing The Best Prohormone

There is no such thing as the best prohormones stack for a particular person. There are several different brands of prohormone supplements available in the market and you can pick and choose the right one for your particular requirements. Make sure you try as many companies or brands as possible. By doing this, you can find a company that is perfect for your particular needs. Creating a list of the best prohormones on the market is also difficult as manufacturers usually add specific additives and ingredients to their stacks to make them special. Moreover, some of the strongest prohormone brands on the market are not indicated for some sports or body types. We do recommend that you check with your physician before you start any medication. Be particularly careful if you suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.