The Effects On Humans

Unfortunately for those of us out there who are habitual meat eaters, we have been eating steroids that are known as hormones that are injected into animals while they are alive before they become dinner on our plates. Also, if you think it is just the meat eaters out there that have to deal with this epidemic, you would be mistaken because hormones are also injected into cows as they produce milk, so if you are a milk drinker, you are caught in the hormone web as well. So, with all of that being stated there, lets now take a look at three ways in which this hormone injected meat and milk can have adverse effects on us humans.

Effect #1: Early Puberty For Girls

We are going to focus only on the young ladies out there for a little while because the first effect of the hormones is that they can cause early puberty in girls. While studies conducted over the years have yet to pin point the compound that is a part of the hormone that causes this issue in young women, it does happen either ways and it is only a matter of time before it is completely understood why this is happening. One of the biggest worries of young women undergoing puberty at an earlier rate than should be expected is that those young girls who experience this phenomenon are at a higher risk for breast cancer later in life. One recommendation for the young ladies out there is if you feel this may or could be happening to you, immediately switch off the hormone injected meats and milk, which should help you out in the end.

Effect #2: Increased Risk For Breast Cancer

This was touched upon a little bit earlier in effect number one, but we are now going to be expanding this topic to include adult women as well. However, just for recapping purposes, young women who are going to be experiencing puberty earlier than they should be naturally are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer later in life. Adult women and older women are also at risk for getting breast cancer when eating hormone injected meat, but there is still a way to eat meat and avoid breast cancer. That can be done because the United States Department Of Agriculture does not allow hormones to be injected in hogs, chickens, turkey or fowl, so you can eat the meat from these fine animals with little to no concern of later getting breast cancer from the potential hormones.

Effect #3: Increased Risk For Prostate Cancer

The young girls and adult women were focused on for the majority of this piece, so it is now time for us to be focusing on the men out there. The men will be looked at now because studies conducted over the last few years that eating hormone injected meat adds to the risk of prostate cancer in men. The hard thing about the studies is that no study has yet to definitively prove which compound in the hormone causes the increased risk for prostate cancer, but much like what was written earlier, it is only a matter of time before the compound is found and further research can be done. Further studies have shown that eating more fruits, vegetables and grains will decrease a person’s risk of getting prostate cancer.

If you are one of the people out there who argue against the negative effects of hormones in meat, you now have a list of three truly dangerous ways in which meat injected with hormones can hurt us humans.