A Little Different Direction

It is not hard nowadays to find reasons why you should avoid meats and dairy products that have hormones in them. Besides the health impact, many people would also find it horrifying about the effects that the steroids known as hormones can do to the animals themselves. So, instead of sitting here and making you read another flashy piece about the dangers of eating hormone injected substances, we are going to take a look at reasons why you should eat healthier and more organic focused foods. Now it is time to sit back and relax as we take a look at ten heart healthy reasons to both buy and consume organic foods and drinks.

#1: Food/Drinks Will Be Free Of Unnatural Substances

Just think of reason number one in this list as the penultimate reason behind avoiding hormone injected foods and drinks, which is that the majority of organic food and drinks have no added steroids or hormones or other products in them, which means that everything you are eating is as natural as can be.

#2: No Mad Cow Worries

Mad Cow Disease is a horrifying disease that causes the destruction of the nervous system and brains in human who eat cows who are injected with unnatural substances, so if you only eat natural meats, then Mad Cow Disease will not be a worry for you.

#3: Better Treatment Of Animals

Put yourself in the paws of an animal real quick, you are living in a crowded farm space and you are getting fed or injected hormone related products. Now, if the same animal is living in an organic foods farm, it is free to roam the land a little more and there are no daily hormone injections…which sounds better to you?

#4: Free Range Animals

This was just touched upon in number three on our list, but animals that are raised in an organic farms are able to roam around more because they are free range animals, just worth mentioning again.

#5: Time To Poop

This one may sound a little off, but manure that comes naturally from animals can be reused to naturally fertilize the soil. Non-organic farms tend more to produce unnatural forms of manure to serve the same purpose, which has been proven to cause health problems in the people who have eaten stuff that came from it.

#6: Small Farm Benefits

Animals do serve other purposes on small farms outside of being a future meal on our dinner plate, they perform other tasks on a small farm that they cannot do on a non-organic food farm, which benefits the cash strapped farmers as well in the long term.

#7: Less Chemicals Used

We touched upon this a little bit earlier, but organic farms will use a lot less chemicals on their farms when compared to a non-organic farm, another unnecessary consequence people will get when eating hormone injected meats.

#8: Diversity Is The Key

Non-organic farms tend to focus exclusively on a small sect of animals, while organic farms have a wider variety of animals, which means that there are more versions of organic meats available to you when compared to the hormone injected meats.

#9: Non-Organics Consume More Resources

Organic foods are produced in a more natural manner when compared to hormone injected foods, which means that hormone injected foods are produced by using more natural resources when compared to organic foods, which destroys the environment as well as the person eating them.

#10: Support The Smaller Farms

This one is a simple economics lesson, which is that when you buy organic foods, you tend to support the smaller farms when compared to non-organic farms food that is purchased, so support the smaller farms and buy organic.