It’s In The Meat

There are some steroids in the bodybuilding universe that are almost a must use steroid, one of those steroids are known to bodybuilders as hormones. These hormones can be very helpful to bodybuilders when used correctly, when used incorrectly, the damage can be hard to overcome. However, outside of using hormones for the purpose of bodybuilding, one of the most controversial ways that hormones are used is when they are injected into animals that will later be turned into meat for human consumption. So, we are going to be looking at the effects of hormones in the meat that humans eat from two different perspectives, those perspectives will be looking at its effects on women and its effects on children. With all of that being said, let us start this journey down hormone lane by taking a look at the effects of hormone induced meat on the ladies.

Hormones are essentially fat soluble molecules, which can be stored in the fat tissues of women (and men to for that matter), but it can be more dangerous for the women. This can be said because women have a higher body fat percentage than their male counterparts on average, so women will be at a greater risk of detrimental health effects from hormones in the food they eat. Just to site an example, if you are a woman who has had or are currently dealing with lumps in the breast, which are caused by imbalanced hormone levels, adding hormones from meat into a body that has this issue could further complicate the issue further, plus when you add in the fact that the breast lumps may be cancerous, then the hormones in meat take things to a completely new level.

Now that we have taken a look at the effects of hormone induced meat on the women out there, we are now going to advance to the effects of hormone induced meat on children. With no offense to the male children out there, the primary focus of what you will be reading further will be focusing on the female children out there. This stance is taken because studies conducted in the last few years have shown that young women who are eating hormone injected meat have seen slower growth rates when compared to those young girls out there who are eating either no meat at all or meat that was not injected with hormones. The study further showed that a compound in the hormones called Zeranol is what leads to the growth stoppage in the young women, this happens because Zeranol actually blocks the estrogen that causes growth in young women.

That is a lot of information to be taking in about the effects of hormones in meat, especially when it relates to the effects the stuff has in both the adult women and young girls out there. This leads us to the interesting question of whether or not all kinds of women out there should be eating hormone injected meats, because if the studies have proven the detrimental effects of the meat for both adult women and young girls alike, then should they really be eating it? That is an interesting question and the best solution may not be avoiding the meats at all costs, but to maybe make the consideration of eating so called hormone free meat or even the lesser known organic meat. Whatever decision that you decide to make at the end of the day, to eat hormone injected meat or not to is the question, you now have the information necessary to make a well informed decision.