The Truth And Important Facts About Superdrol

SuperdrolSuperdrol is essentially an anabolic steroid that is highly rated for its power of delivering unmatched strength and fast muscle gains. The most amazing fact is that it was once possible to find Superdrol for sale at standard supplement stores.Also known as Methasterone, this steroid is for sure not a prohormone, but rather an extremely active type of a designer supplement.

Methasterone was launched to the commercial market in 2005, going under the brand name of Superdrol (SD) and is also referred to as Super Anadrol. At that time, you could buy Superdrol over the counter.

Legal Status

Superdrol started taking heat that very same year when it became available commercially.This prompted the FDA to issue a strong recommendation on banning Superdrol. In early 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice accented to the ban. Methasterone is however still widely referred to using the same brand name, and Superdrol for sale is largely available.

The ban in 2006 certainly didn’t put a stop to the demand for Methasterone by the bodybuilding community. Instead, the restriction gave rise to a variety of generic versions that are being marketed using diverse names.

Despite its illegal status, Methasterone or Superdrolis still accessible and is used by lots of bodybuilders. Even today, it’s still being used to realize ridiculous gains in terms of strength and lean muscle mass gains. Those who want to use it know where they can buy Superdrol.

How it Works

As an anabolic steroid, Superdrol brings very hard and dry muscle gains that are clearly perceptible after two weeks of usage. Gains that range between 15lbs to 30lbs in terms of muscle mass have been reported by users in a brief 4 week cycle. Strength gains are also clearly very noticeable after only two weeks of usage. Users have reported an increase of between 15% and 25% in their maximum lifts.

Being anoral steroid with a 17aa group, Methasterone is hence extremely liver toxic, especially when the user stays on it for over the recommended period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Buying Superdrol

Up to 2011, to buy Methasterone was generally legal and it was accessible in an assortment of presentations. Superdrol for sale is accessible in the majority of general health food stores, though not in its original form. Although Superdrol is no longer available legally in the US in its original chemical form, there is a close chemical cousin that still remains very legal called Dymethazine.

Superdrol Dosages and Recommended Cycles

Depending on your goals, the recommended dosage lies in the range of 20mg to 40mg daily. Superdrol is not highly rated when it comes to its effects on your liver. However, the associated problems only get dangerous or permanent if your liver is not granted proper recovery breaks.

As this product is particularly tough and not easy to breakdown, it is not recommended for usage in durations lasting in excess of 4 weeks due to its severe levels of liver toxicity. However, some experienced bodybuilders using advanced supplements are known to use Superdrol for up to 6 weeks with excellent outcomes.

Potential Side Effects

This anabolic steroid does not aromatize and as such does not lead to any estrogenic side effects. Therefore, the problem of water retention does not rise with this product.

Most users who buy Superdrolor have used it report some of the following potential side effects:

1. Hepatoxity

When pitted against other similar methylated orals, Superdrol is ranked up there as being among those with the worst record in terms of liver values. Using supps can however assist with such liver problems.

2. Painful Pumps

Lots of SD users claim to experience pumps that are rather “painful” after 7 days of usage as they work out in the gym. A potassium supplement can however help in preventing this painful feeling.

3. Painful Shin Splits

Lots of users claim painful shin splits as they perform cardio, making it difficult. However, through covering the sore body part using an ice pack, you can lessen the levels of pain.

4. Feeling ofLethargy

When taken in doses that are higher (30mg+) several users claim to experience some hangover feeling or what is known as “burnt out” feeling.

5. Affects Cholesterol levels

Although healthy levels of Cholesterol are important, Superdrol throws your levels all over your body. Adding some support supplements is hence a necessity.

6. Acne and Loss in libido

A number of users experience increase in body and facial acne, while some others claim the loss of libido towards the close of their cycles.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post cycle therapy can easily make or break even the best of cycles. Anyone working hard and intensively can easily pack on 5-20 pounds when using Superdrol, but what is most vital is the question is: can you maintain it?

Without proper post cycle therapy, you stand the risk of running into an abundance of complications such as Gynecomastia (gyno) and low testosterone production, just to state two. Gyno is characterized by the growth of abnormally huge mammary glands, which leads to enlargement of your breasts.

By introducing Superdrolto your system, effectively what you are doing is to slowly turn off your natural testosterone production. When you stop using SD without quality PCT you are in fact leaving your body with very low testosterone levels. This will in turn leave you with a low libido, energy deficient and it will make you pretty moody.

Without an adequate PCT you are also likely to experience elevated levels of estrogen possibly triggering Gynecomastia. Water intake is also very critical when using this product and should be a priority in your post cycle therapy.


Superdrol is one type of legal steroid that ought not to be lightly taken. It carries the potential of doing moderate to severe damage on your body. Anybody lacking knowledge on this subject could easily damage something in the body permanently, leading to more complications in later years.

However, with the usage of suitable support supplementation, lots of water intake, an appropriate diet and correct dosing, it’s possible eliminate most of the problems, if not all. Even though Superdrol for sale is readily available, it’s important that you only start when you are over age 21.

When taken wrongly or by underage users, Superdrol could potentially put a full stop to your chances of making gains in the years to come.