Winstrol Positives And Negatives

The brand name for stanazolol, Winstrol is a testosterone-derived, FDA-approved anabolic steroid used for preventing and treating swelling or hereditary angioedema. The sad part being Winstrol steroids get frequently abused by bodybuilders and is therefore considered a controlled substance. In the past, several popular athletes have abused Winstrol tablets and Winstrol pills before a competitive event. But don’t let all this information misdirect you. If taken as per proper prescription, a Winstrol steroid can be effective and safe.

Positive Impact on Angioedema

An autosomal dominant medical condition, hereditary angioedema leads to rapid tissue and skin swelling upon exposure to the sun. The swelling could turn serious in no time since it can block the airway. Specific factors lead to these symptoms and must therefore be mitigated whenever possible. Since this reaction is not allergic, antihistamines or epinephrine aren’t good enough to treat the flare ups.

Buy Winstrol for treating hereditary angioedema, provided you are being supervised closely with routine biochemical, clinical and radiologic analyses. Therefore, with close doctor supervision, the medication can be used safely. However, the side effects can still not be ruled out.

Other Medical Uses

As aforementioned, Winstrol mimics testosterone – the natural hormone. The steroid’s anabolic traits helps users build muscle. But the drug also has medical benefits. Generally, the steroid addresses conditions characterized by weakness or hormonal abnormalities. However, women who buy Winstrol online or buy Winstrol for sale in the offline market for medical purposes must be wary of the steroid’s possible side effects, such as menstrual irregularities and voice deepening.

• Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic anemia refers to a medical condition wherein the body is unable to make sufficient blood cells. This type of anemia is usually autoimmune in nature. The body ambushes the bone marrow, thereby restricting the production of red and white blood cells, and platelets. Winstrol could be an element of assistive care for individuals suffering from this condition.

• Breast Cancer

Women who’ve not found relief through other treatments for their breast cancer may find Winstrol coming to their rescue. According to a study done in 1991, patients with advanced breast cancer problems exhibited partial stability or improvement post using this anabolic steroid.

• Weight Gain

Sometimes, anabolic steroids such as Winstrol are used by athletes for bulking up and increasing strength. Such usage scenarios aren’t endorsed by the medical fraternity, and are outlawed by most sports authorities and federations across the globe. However, in certain cases, administering Winstrol for increasing muscle and weight is warranted medically – for instance, if you are suffering from a major illness that results in some weight loss. Seek your doctor’s advice to find out if Winstrol could be appropriate for regaining body mass and strength lost to an illness.

• Turner Syndrome

A genetic disease, Turner syndrome has a wider scope and could impair a multitude of bodily systems, which includes physical development that lead to overall height, puberty, kidney and heart function and cognitive skills. X chromosome abnormalities cause individuals suffering from Turner syndrome to end up being physically shorter and lose ovarian functioning during childhood. Winstrol could be used for treating and correcting Turner syndrome symptoms. The FDA does not approve the medication for this particular use, though off-label prescriptions to treat Turner syndrome are available.

Side Effects

Liver dysfunction is the major negative effect to using Winstrol. Symptoms and signs of liver dysfunction comprise jaundice and pain in the upper right quadrant part of the abdomen. If these indications arise, get in touch with your physician immediately, to have a blood test carried out for liver function assessment. Since Winstrol is derived from Testosterone, women could develop male characteristics. This comprises male pattern baldness, clitoral enlargement, irregular menstruation, etc. The bad news is that some of these undesirable transformations cannot be reverted.

Ensure you don’t drink alcohol when on the drug and keep your doctor in the know about the medicines you’re currently on. It’s better to not administer this drug if not prescribed.

Winstrol’s Impact on Muscles

There are several varieties of anabolic steroids up for sale. Though the side effects of Winstrol are certainly part of the picture, there are multiple features that make Winstrol more popular than other anabolic steroid variants. The drug contributes to significant muscle growth. A few anabolic steroids build size of the muscle sans increasing strength. Winstrol, on the other hand, manages to offer a blend of strength and structure.

• No Water Retention

Several anabolic steroids cause water retention. There are no such issues with Winstrol, and which makes it a popular choice among bodybuilders especially prior to a bodybuilding show. Winstrol helps create bigger muscles, not letting water to play a role in the process. Retained fluid often hinders the veiny, cut and hard look appearance that most bodybuilders desire. In fact, proper cuts are essential to define the right bodybuilder physique.

• Boosting Endurance

Winstrol enhances the body’s potential to make red blood cells (RBCs). These cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body, including the muscles. A higher red blood cell count makes it much easier for muscles to work longer, harder and recover faster due to the added oxygen content. This is precisely the reason why some cycling, track and field and other similar performance athletes side with Winstrol for enhancing performance.

• Lean Appearance

Not every bodybuilder heads to the gym to bulk up. In fact, there’s an increasing trend wherein gym enthusiasts are keener on a leaner, chiseled physique. Generally, endurance athletes don’t like lugging any excess body weight. They therefore refrain from getting bulked up. Bodybuilding athletes lift weights for increasing muscle size, but seek an obvious difference between various muscle groups. But a few anabolic steroids create so much bulk that it becomes difficult to define every muscle group, despite the presence of large, protruding muscles.


Winstrol is an effective and safe medicine to prevent hereditary angioedema for the long term. But the major side effects such as sex organ issues and liver dysfunction are warning signs. In case you get struck by a rapid hereditary angioedema attack, seek medical treatment immediately. Also let your doctor know about all the side effects you’re going through.