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The World’s Strongest Man Hall Of Fame Members

The World’s Strongest Man contest is a competition many in the bodybuilding world is familiar with. This is because a lot of bodybuilders have made the transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding or vice versa. What many may not know is there are four people who are in the WSM Hall of Fame. The four in the Hall of Fame is Mariusz Pudzianowski, Svend Karlsen, Jon Pall Sigmarsson and Bill Kazmaier. Here is more information about each man.

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Mariusz Pudzianowski

Pudzianowski is from Poland and he has accomplished a lot in the WSM competition. He has taken first place in the contest on five occasions, which is the most first places of all strongman since the event was created.

The strongman started training just 13-years-old, and since then he has gained a tremendous amount of strength. Today, he can bench press more than 630lbs, squat more than 830lbs and deadlift more than 900lbs.

It’s worth noting that he has entered 59 events, and he took first place in 42 of them. He entered his first strongman contest back in 1999 and in 2000, he entered his first WSM contest, which he placed fourth in. The last time he competed in the WSM contest was in 2009, and he placed second in that contest.

Svend Karlsen

Svend Karlsen hails from Norway and he started to train with weights as a young teen. He won just 1 competition and it was the Arnold Classic. However, he did win second place on three occasions. He has won one WSM contest, but he has won more than 25 strongman competitions in Norway.

Karlsen can lift an impressive amount of weight. He can bench press more than 570 pounds, squat more than 880 pounds and he can deadlift more than 900 pounds. The last time Karlsen competed was in 2006, but he want on to present and produce Norway’s version of the WSM contest.

The strongman also tried his hand at bodybuilding, and he once won the Mr. Norway title and he earned an IFBB pro card. He had to retire from bodybuilding due to a severe muscle tear.

Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Sigmarsson passed away in 1993, but he is one of the four men who are in the WSM Hall of Fame. The Icelandic strongman was the first to win the WSM contest on four occasions.

The strongman was known for his charisma and for getting the crowd worked up and excited before competing. He used to turn to the crowd and shout, and he loved to interact with the crowd.

Not only was he the first to win the WSM contest four times without prohormone pills, but he was the first competitor to squat 804 pounds. Some of his other personal records include deadlifting 815.71 pounds raw and deadlifting 881 pounds raw without using wrist straps in an exhibition lift that he did at the gym.

Bill Kazmaier

This American strongman has won the WSM contest three times without any steroids and he has competed in six WSM competitions. In the past, he set a number of powerlifting records, including a 925.9 pounds squat, in an 80’s marathon squat suit, and he performed a 661.4 pounds bench press (raw). He also deadlifted 903.9 pounds with wrist straps.

Eventually he retired but he went on to become a WSM commentator. When it comes to strength competitions, Kazmaier is regarded by many to be the best competitor in strength competitions.

As previously mentioned, many in the bodybuilding world are familiar with the powerlifting and the World’s Strongest Man contest, but not many know what competitors are in the hall of fame. Now you know what competitors are in the WSM Hall of Fame.

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